Legal Firms Adopt Videoconferencing Technology

Use of videoconferencing saves both time and money and provides law firms access to the whole world from one location. The legal community is using videoconferencing for depositions, meeting with expert witnesses, law firm meetings and live testimony at trial. The future promises an increased use of videoconferencing in the court system. Currently, video conferencing is being used in the courtroom to save attorneys, parties and judges the time and expense of travel to attend criminal arraignment hearing, oral arguments, settlement conferences, and in a few courts, the actual trial.

Don't Buy Expensive Videoconferencing Equipment - Rent As Needed

Remote Deposition-Quality Videoconferencing requires real videoconferencing equipment and real reliable and consistent ISDN digital network, as opposed to consumer Internet. This equipment and network is expensive, and can be difficult to use.
Fortunately there are more than 4000 professional videoconference rooms that rent their facilities on an hourly basis, they are called Public Videoconference Rooms. There are several professional Public Videoconference Rooms convenient to your office and available for your use on an "as needed" basis. There are also Public Rooms located in the City where your next expert witness, or deponent is located. This means you do not have to travel there or have the witness travel to your office. You can use Videoconferencing to depose your next remote witness. Our database of rooms does not include any printer/copier/shipping companies, only professional rooms.

Let us arrange your first Remote Videoconference Deposition for you.

Request a Quote Today. Simplify your life, we will not let you fail. Our business is legal quality videoconferences. We have been in the corporate videoconferencing business for more than 11 years. We can arrange a successful videoconference between any 2 Cities you choose. We maintain the worlds largest database of real time availability based Corporate Quality - Public Videoconference rooms, and we work with an extensive list of remote Court Reporters and Videographers that understand Videoconferencing technology and are anxious to help. We can connect any two locations or bridge several locations - IP to IP, ISDN to ISDN, IP to ISDN, add audio ports for more participants who cannot attend videoconference and more.

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